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The Brand Coach

Brand Acceleration’s president and CEO, Jim Walton, is a popular speaker at industry meetings throughout the nation. His presentations on community branding, location marketing, and personal development are always captivating, entertaining, educational — and most of all, filled with practical, actionable advice for professional audiences.

Jim is a frequent presenter at economic and community development seminars, chamber of commerce sessions, company meetings, conferences, and community workshops. Based on the audience’s needs, Jim often works with one of our industry allies to create
a more intensive and diversified program.

Amy Evancho
Former President and CEO, Florida Economic Development Council, Inc.

Jim has a wonderful ability to get and keep his audience engaged through thought provoking discussions. Oftentimes the smallest details have the biggest impact yet we never knew it. Jim shows his audience this and much more.


Dave Quinn
VP, Frisco Economic Development Corporation (Texas)

I met Jim at a High Ground of Texas meeting in Amarillo. Jim’s presentation on community branding hit home for me. Jim is very creative and has an understanding of economic development and what it takes for communities to stand out. He is very easy to talk to and is eager to share thoughts and ideas.