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Brand Acceleration’s professionals handle the full scope of economic development marketing, with strategies and approaches built upon our extensive experience in the field and our expertise with proven tactics.

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Your brand is your promise. It’s everything you do, everything you are, and everything people think about you. And, although it already exists in the minds of your audiences and stakeholders, it’s not always easy to clearly define it. Fortunately, we’re experts at pinpointing your brand. We’ll conduct a thorough research process to discover your community, county, or region’s brand. Then we’ll create a detailed strategy to grow your brand and integrate it into all of your marketing efforts.
Creating an effective brand strategy involves a highly-developed science. At its core, your brand strategy is based on everything we discover during the brand profiling research process. From there, we’ll incorporate your community, county, or region’s short and long-term goals; the wants and needs of your audiences; and proven marketing strategies. The result is an enduring brand identity and a solid structure for all future marketing endeavors.
There’s a science to creating a truly powerful economic development website. An effective site will educate and appeal to your audience through crystal-clear messaging, dynamic data, and captivating design. We’ll develop a site that is masterfully written and custom-designed based on your brand strategy, then optimized to ensure that it is well-placed in search engine results. Clear and attractive maps and current economic data will round out the site, making it an invaluable resource to site consultants and other economic development professionals as they research your community.
Brand Acceleration helps economic and community development organizations maximize their visibility through both traditional and non-traditional methods. Our goal is to help our clients rise above the fray and position themselves in their target industry’s mainstream. Through ongoing media contact, news releases, feature articles, trade show and conference participation, and crisis management programs, we employ the most effective brand-building tools to help your community achieve economic success and vitality.
Somewhere out there, someone is looking for a community exactly like yours. They just don’t realize it yet. By incorporating targeted email marketing into your marketing strategy, we help you develop meaningful connections with your audience and engage prospective clients. Our team will create emailers to grow your community brand, drive qualified traffic to your website, and generate measurable results.
Videos offer a compelling window into your area’s life and business advantages. Site tours, community profiles, and interviews with area employers provide an effective, non-intrusive way to portray what it’s like to live, work, and succeed in your community. As part of a multifaceted marketing strategy, we will create videos that enhance your ability to engage your audiences and cultivate fruitful relationships.
Social media marketing can forge profitable relationships and create strong, consistent impressions among your connections. Brand Acceleration’s team will help you generate and curate high-quality content to complement and strengthen your overall marketing effort. We’ll also show you proven strategies to ensure that you are engaging the right people and using your social media as a platform for success.
Whether it’s a postcard mailed directly to prospects or a foreign language brochure you hand out on mission trips, your collateral is a physical representation of your community. It opens a dialogue between you and your audiences or enhances an existing relationship by providing additional information. Developing effective economic development collateral is a craft our team has honed over many years. Our strategy-based collateral embodies everything your community is and all it aspires to be.