Brand Acceleration focuses on just one thing: economic development marketing. Our team of branding, marketing communications, and public relations professionals uses our experience and specialized expertise to help clients with effective, commanding message strategies that impact and motivate their target audiences.

Jim Walton_Brand Acceleration2

Jim Walton, CEO


  • Advanced Location Marketing for Economic Development
  • Mastering Your Community Pitch

Jim is widely regarded as one of the nation’s leading experts in economic development marketing.  With over thirty years of experience, he has established himself as a powerful ally for economic development professionals.  He is regularly asked to speak at conferences and share his extensive knowledge about community branding and location marketing and provide actionable advice for professional audiences.

Jim is active in several state and regional economic development organizations and completed the Basic Economic Development Course at Ball State University in 2009. He is currently teaching the Marketing session. 

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Colleen Walton, Marketing Strategist


  • Social Media Marketing for Economic Development
  • Innovative Marketing for Economic Development

As a marketing strategist for Brand Acceleration, Colleen oversees brand identification and marketing program implementation for communities, counties, and regions in her seventeen-state territory. She also trains clients on establishing a strong social media presence through easy-to-use strategies.

In order to keep up to date on the economic development industry, she regularly attends state and regional economic development conferences across the country.  She is an active member of both the Southern Economic Development Council and the Florida Economic Development Council and completed the Basic Economic Development Course at her alma mater, Ball State University, in 2013.