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An Often-Overlooked Workforce Strategy 

By Jim Walton, CEO, Brand Acceleration, Inc. Just the other day, I was part of a group discussion about workforce development and attraction. The community I was visiting is a great example of one having a straight-line path from K12 schools, to post-secondary education, to the workplace. It was a beautiful thing to witness. Programs […]

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New Collar Jobs Changing Education 

By Jim Walton, CEO, Brand Acceleration, Inc. Over the past couple of years, we’ve received many calls from communities needing help with marketing programs aimed at attracting workers and residents. With unemployment rates in the two percent range in many areas, economic development professionals are realizing that traditional workforce development efforts are often just too […]

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Should you repeat repetition repeatedly? 

by Scott Flood, Brand Acceleration Writer Many people have an aversion to repetition in marketing communications. At times, repeating yourself isn’t a good thing, such as when you’re writing a blog post or an ad and you need to make a quick impact. Or when you’re writing something like an ad or a blog post. […]

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The Balancing Act that Is Economic Development 

By Jim Walton, CEO, Brand Acceleration, Inc. As a child, I remember television programs featuring daredevil performers like The Flying Wallendas, who would balance on a wire suspended between tall buildings or over a huge gorge. Sometimes there would be as many as seven people on the wire, all balanced on chairs, bicycles, or hanging […]

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Today, It’s All About Workforce 

by Jim Walton, CEO, Brand Acceleration, Inc. The United States economy is a wondrous thing. After a prolonged economic drought, it has significantly improved in recent months. In my opinion, the come-back is entirely because of the dogged tenacity of American companies.  The stock market is up, consumer confidence is the highest it has been […]

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