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Video Marketing is Soaring While Drones Come Down to Earth 

By Jim Walton, CEO, Brand Acceleration, Inc. Nearly every day, I see another economic development video. Among all marketing tools, it is undoubtedly the fastest growing. This is true for all industries, not just economic development. More than 80% of marketers say that they will use video as part of their 2018 marketing effort. Why […]

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What You Can Learn from How NASA and SpaceX Market Rockets 

a.k.a. Colleen Exposes Her Nerdy Side and Tries to Make it Sound Professional By Colleen Walton, Marketing Strategist, Brand Acceleration, Inc.   Back in February, I saw the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch from Kennedy Space Center near Cape Canaveral, Florida.  I was four miles away from the launchpad, and it was one of the most […]

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Sharing Your Knowledge Freely Pays Dividends 

By Scott Flood Not so long ago, we thought of information as a prized possession that was to be guarded closely. Today, those who are willing to share their knowledge can gain a competitive advantage. As with so many things, the arrival of the Internet changed everything. Now, when we want to know about nearly […]

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Why Workforce Attraction Efforts Fail 

By Jim Walton, CEO, Brand Acceleration, Inc. With unemployment rates in the two or three percent range in many areas, economic developers are often turning their attention to workforce development and attraction. It’s a challenging situation, causing a career shift for economic developers who have had to learn to be people recruiters. Of course, this […]

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Travel Blog: Jim and Colleen Attend SEDC’s Meet the Consultants Conference 

By Colleen Walton, Marketing Strategist, Brand Acceleration, Inc. and Jim Walton, CEO, Brand Acceleration, Inc.  Colleen and Jim were in Dallas April 18-21 for the Southern Economic Development Council‘s Meet the Consultants event — a day-and-a-half conference that brings together economic development professionals and regional site selectors to discuss trends in the industry. Here, they […]

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