Our professionals frequently encounter thought-provoking, entertaining, and informative content related to economic development, business, and life. We’re delighted to share some of our favorites with you — along with our own online thoughts, in which we provide insight into our team, methods, and life outside work.

The Changing Definition of Quality of Life 

By Colleen Walton, Marketing Strategist, Brand Acceleration, Inc. With unemployment rates being so low, employers and economic developers across the country are realizing there just aren’t enough workers to go around. In our office, we have more and more clients asking us to assist with workforce attraction programs as opposed to business attraction programs.  With […]

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Community Branding is Economic Development 

By Jim Walton, CEO, Brand Acceleration, Inc. More often than ever, we are called upon to develop a community brand. In many cases, the request is simply for a new logo. The most common desire is that the community be known. “Our town is the ‘best kept secret’” is a line we often hear. “Nobody knows us” […]

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I Want to be a Site Selector…but I Won’t 

By Jim Walton, CEO, Brand Acceleration, Inc. Anyone in the economic development industry knows that site location consultants are the royalty of the industry. They typically control, or at least influence, the largest jobs projects. Economic development organizations (EDOs) court them every day. Admittedly, I’m a bit envious. Communities fly them in, take them fishing, hunting, to […]

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Learning Lessons All Over Again 

By Scott Flood There’s a tendency among people in business — particularly younger people — to assume that lessons learned in the past have little value when applied to today. That’s especially true when it comes to marketing. Yes, channels such as email marketing and social media have been developed relatively recently. But the basic […]

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What is Strategic Marketing, and Why Does It Matter? 

By Jim Walton, CEO, Brand Acceleration, Inc. As a marketing communications practitioner of more than thirty years, I’ve become frustrated by the number of professional people who don’t know the difference between strategy and tactics, especially as they relate to marketing. I’ve even heard marketing professionals use the terms interchangeable. Argh! They are not the […]

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