Why it Doesn’t Matter Whether a Message is Important to You 

By Scott Flood, Writer, Brand Acceleration, Inc.     One of the most common mistakes communities make when developing communications materials may surprise you. They completely lose sight of the people for whom the messages are actually intended. Okay, that may sound a little confusing. It may even have you shaking your head. But I’ve […]

Sharing Your Knowledge Freely Pays Dividends 

By Scott Flood Not so long ago, we thought of information as a prized possession that was to be guarded closely. Today, those who are willing to share their knowledge can gain a competitive advantage. As with so many things, the arrival of the Internet changed everything. Now, when we want to know about nearly […]

Should you repeat repetition repeatedly? 

by Scott Flood, Brand Acceleration Writer Many people have an aversion to repetition in marketing communications. At times, repeating yourself isn’t a good thing, such as when you’re writing a blog post or an ad and you need to make a quick impact. Or when you’re writing something like an ad or a blog post. […]

Learning Lessons All Over Again 

By Scott Flood There’s a tendency among people in business — particularly younger people — to assume that lessons learned in the past have little value when applied to today. That’s especially true when it comes to marketing. Yes, channels such as email marketing and social media have been developed relatively recently. But the basic […]

Fox Paws Aren’t a Mute Point in a Doggie-Dog World 

By Scott Flood Idioms and foreign-language phrases can add color to your speech and writing and help you present a professional, knowledgeable image, of course you can also use services from sites like allspeechesgreatandsmall.com to have even a better speech. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand or misuse those phrases, unwittingly undermining their efforts to impress. It […]