Economic development associations have clearly defined goals. They want to grow membership, increase attendance at conferences and events, and draw much-needed sponsorship revenue.

With firsthand experience in the conference and event management business, Brand Coach Jim Walton knows what it takes to communicate effectively with all the stakeholders involved in achieving these goals.

That’s why Brand Acceleration is an active participant in state, regional, and international economic development organizations. We have the opportunity to use our knowledge and expertise to support the work of those organizations, and our team is able to network with a wide cross-section of economic development professionals to deepen our knowledge of current challenges and the strategies that are most effective.

We provide a variety of services to economic development associations, among them:

  • websites
  • email marketing
  • videos
  • conference programs
  • conference signage

North Carolina Economic Development Association

Lawrence Bivins & Liz Dobbins-Smith
North Carolina Economic Development Association
Managing Directors

Our partners at Brand Acceleration have significantly boosted the quality of NCEDA’s online presence — deploying not only their rich knowledge of digital communications but also an impressive understanding of the economic development practitioners who comprise our membership. They are committed professionals attuned to our organization’s long-range objectives. Best of all, they listen.

Today is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day, so we're celebrating some of the adorable shelter pets in the Brand Acceleration family (we're clearly a cat crowd). If you have a shelter pet, we'd love to see your pictures! Also, please consider donating to your local shelter 🐶🐱

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