As longtime specialists in economic development marketing, the Brand Acceleration team has extensive experience in nearly every facet. But there are times when we need to know more about specific topics or have to draw upon expertise that’s beyond our resources. That’s when we turn to our Board of Advisors and our trusted network of Industry Allies.

Board of Advisors

We’ve cultivated a group of innovative economic development and site selection professionals who keep us informed about what’s happening in their respective specialties. We also use them as sounding boards when we want to confirm that we’ve considered every aspect of a unique situation or strategy. Their insights help us remain at the forefront of economic development marketing.

Jay Garner, CEcD, CCE
President and Founder
Garner Economics, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia

Courtney Dunbar

Economic Development Leader
Olsson Associates
Omaha, Nebraska

Eric Canada
Chief Strategist
Blane Canada Ltd.
Wheaton, Illinois

Chris Manheim, CEcD
Manheim Solutions, Inc.
Elgin, Illinois

Industry Allies

When Brand Acceleration clients need services and expertise beyond the scope of our team, we draw upon the alliances we’ve formed with companies that offer services that complement and supplement our work. That includes things like fundraising, geographic information systems (GIS), industry analysis, workforce analysis, asset mapping, lead development, and specialized strategic planning. Just give us a call, and we’ll steer you toward winning solution providers.

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