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Social media marketing can forge profitable relationships and create strong, consistent impressions among your connections — but only if you leverage the right channels and manage your process in an effective way.

Brand Acceleration’s team regularly appears at conferences to educate economic development professionals about creating and managing social media marketing programs, but we really demonstrate our expertise when we put those principles to work for clients. We’ll help you generate and curate high-quality content to complement and strengthen your overall marketing effort, using strategies that ensure you are engaging the right people and using your social media as a platform for success.

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Greg Anderson
Town of Brownsburg, Indiana
Economic Development Director

During our time with Brand Acceleration, our social media campaign became more targeted and focused on specific events within our industries of motorsports, manufacturing, and retail. We received more opens and reads which got us noticed more often during the campaigns than any other community.

We were heartbroken over the loss of Mike Philpot. Mike was an exceptional human being, and the world was a brighter place when he was a part of it. Through his generosity and compassion, he made those around him better. To us, that will be his legacy.


"Getting them to people who need them will require more than a billion vials to be manufactured, filled, and shipped, at top speed and in some cases under extreme stress."

Via Jerry Szatan

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