While some places may consider low unemployment to be an economic development success, communities that have been successful at attracting new companies and growing existing ones recognize that it’s really a challenge all its own.

Growing companies need a supply of new workers, and the Brand Acceleration team has developed successful programs to attract workers and tax-paying residents.

No two markets are alike or face the same challenges, but the most effective programs usually involve the coordinated use of multiple channels. For example, our team has used digital marketing, broadcast marketing, billboards, social media marketing, and other channels to support workforce attraction programs.


With unemployment rates at an all-time low and available workforce scarce, communities face the challenge of retaining and attracting skilled workers. At Brand Acceleration, we know the cost of an effective workforce attraction marketing campaign can be sizable and frightening.

Utilizing strong community partnerships, our proven Self-Funding Workforce Attraction Marketing Initiative program could allow you to reach desired workers and residents at no cost to your economic development organization.

For more information, just give us a call. We’ll gladly explain how this program can work for your community.

Hendricks County IN

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